The Girl in Room 105 pdf

The Girl in Room 105 pdf download for free

The Girl in Room 105 pdf download for free

The Girl in Room 105 pdf free download: India’s one of the most popular author Chetan Bhagat just released his first thriller novel. And the novel is already a best seller book on Amazon India. So here you can download The Girl in Room 105 pdf version for free.

Before you download that you should know these things about the book:
  • About the Author:

Chetan Bhagat is India’s one the popular author among youth and as well as among the Booklovers. Some of his popular Novels are One Night in a Call Center, Half Girl Friend, Two States and lots more.

  • Story:

“Hi, I’m Keshav, and my life is screwed. I hate my job and my girlfriend left me. Ah, the beautiful Zara. Zara is from Kashmir. She is a Muslim. And did I tell you my family is a bit, well, traditional? Anyway, leave that.

Zara and I broke up four years ago. She moved on in life. I didn’t. I drank every night to forget her. I called, messaged, and stalked her on social media. She just ignored me.

However, that night, on the eve of her birthday, Zara messaged me. She called me over, like old times, to her hostel room 105. I shouldn’t have gone, but I did… and my life changed forever.

This is not a love story. It is an unlove story.”

  • Price:

You can get the book from Amazon India for Rs.110/- (for Paperback)

But can also get the Kindle version for free. But we recommend you to buy the paperback version from Amazon or you should read it through its Kindle version. Now it up to you what you should do. If you want to buy then the best buy discount link is below. And as well as the link of the free version.


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