15 Most important questions from Java(Introduction)

Here are some important questions from the java, which introduce you to the basic of java 1. What is the difference between Array and vector? Ans:  Vector is growable and shrinkable whereas an Array in not. Vector implements the List interface whereas an array is a primitive data type. Vector is synchronized whereas an array is

15 Most asked questions in viva or interview from JAVA

First, try to answer the questions by yourself then check it from the answer box(given below) 1. Java was first developed in? A) 1990 B) 1991 C) 1993 D) 1996 2. The old name of Java was? A) J language B) oak C) oct D) None of the above 3. What is the full form

20 Most asked questions in viva or interview from Multi-thread Programming and Exception Handling

Here are the questions first try to answer it yourself then check it from the answer (given below) 1. When does Exception in java arises in code sequence? A) Runtime B) Compilation Time C)Can Occur Any time D) None of the mentioned 2. Which of these keywords is not a part of exception handling? A) try

What is the difference between a multiprogramming and multitasking operating system?

Multi-user: A multi_user Operating System allows for multiple users to use the same computer at the same time and different times. See our multi_user dictionary definition for a complete definition. Below are some examples of multiuser Operating Systems. Linux Unix Windows 2000 Windows XP Mac OS X Multiprocessing: An Operating System capable of supporting and utilizing more